A Little Bit About Us.

Kenpo Karate has been in South Africa for about 40 years. The instructors at Holmes Kenpo Karate have either been students or assistant instructors at some of these schools over the years.

Instructor Holmes decided to open Holmes Kenpo Karate only after he had received his International Certification & recognition from the International Kenpo Karate Association (I.K.K.A). He is currently the only certified I.K.K.A Instructor in South Africa.

Instructor Holmes is also a Jiu Jitsu Practitioner.

Moto – Positive Mind + Positive Attitude = Positive Outcomes

Our Team Of Experts

Mr. Holmes has been a practitioner in Kenpo for many years. He attained international recognition in 2012, he participated and competed successfully in the 2014 International Karate Championships.

Mr. Holmes is also an avid Jiu Jitsu student and practitioner. He has blended Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu making it a well rounded street self defense system. He has made various innovations in Kenpo, allowing for easier technique application, improved customization for the student and their situation, adapted Kenpo techniques for cage combat and more.

His style of teaching is unique, informative and concise. One of his main drivers is empowering women through women self defense programs and seminars.


Nazeem Holmes
Instructor – 2nd Degree Kenpo Black Belt

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Happy Testimonials


Nazeem Holmes, Holmes Kenpo Karate.

It is our goal to empower our students, their families & our community through martial art education and add on to their valuable life skills. We have a cohesive family orientated unit that comes together and helps each other successfully achieve our goals through motivation and encouragement. We envision all our students climbing the ladder of excellence one step at a time to become the Leaders of tomorrow, enriching their communities and living well-balanced lives.

Langford Vermeulen

Great positive instructor, Nazeem is very hands on and is always looking at the personal needs of his students... energetic people, wonderful environment!! Great with the children and encourages great manners and discipline!!! #1 !!!

Declan Dyer

Such a great course! Only had the intro lesson but the lessons learnt are are incredibly beneficial- looking forward to futur sessions! Thanks Holmes Kenpo!

Amanda Page

Thanks for an amazing, interesting and very valuable self defence introduction session. Will definitely lead to follow up sessions.

Wajdi Fredericks

I attended my first official class last night at Holmes Kenpo Karate. Although last nights class was geared towards females, i found it very informative and sensei Nazeem's instructions was clear and concise. The moves i learnt were practical and easily applicable. I will be recommending to all my friends and family that they try and attend classes at Holmes Kenpo Karate.

Mahlika Singh

I've done the ladies self-defence course last year and currently doing the refresher. This is an amazing way to build self confidence, understand the mind and body and create awareness to increase your chance of outsmarting ans assailant. I cant wait for the advanced class next month. Boxing gloves and kickass moves! Ladies, sign up and take back your power!! Thank you Nazeem.

Cherezanne Petersen

What an amazing class and journey its been...Not only has Nazeem conditioned the body but empowered the mind too. I anm absolutely thrilled and excited about phase two. If its anything like we've just learnt, i'm sure all the girls will  be in for some solid hardcore fun.

Ishaam Kamaldien

Nazeem Holmes has not only earned so much respect in the Martial Arts world, but his students and peers as well have so much trust and confidence in him. An instructor who has achieved so much, yet has the time and patience to teach children of all ages, As a parent, one of the best things i did was to enroll both my sons with instructor Nazeem Holmes. His passion and dedication for Kenpo Karate is carried over in stages to every one of his students. This country could do with more people like instructor Nazeem Holmes.

Nur Roberts

Hey Nazeem... Thanks for a great session of sparring.. was really great and really enjoyed the grappling techniques you are really great at teaching it as i really need the extra art upgrading, specifically ground work. So once again thanks and i hope to have another session soon.